Pangolins International: a new identity for a new mission

August 29th 2022

2022 sees us changing both our focus and our name. We’ve operated as the Rare and Endangered Species Trust (REST) in Namibia since September 2000, with our conservation efforts covering a range of endangered species that rarely receive the media attention they require. We have every intention of continuing with our work to rescue any creature that needs our help, but the time is now right to focus on pangolins.

The unique and enigmatic pangolin is beginning to evolve as a symbol representative of the desperate state we find ourselves in environmentally, and the threat to wildlife from the greed and ignorance of humanity. This distinctive animal is in such great need of help, and with Nigeria being the centre of pangolin trafficking, it feels like the time is right for us to create a new identity in time for our new start in The Emerald Forest Reserve.

Our new rehabilitation centre has been designed for the specific requirements of pangolins, and will enable us to both focus our efforts and learn more about these wonderful creatures, so that we can share our learnings and help to improve pangolin rescue and rehabilitation in other countries, too.

So to more clearly communicate our new focus and scope, we’re changing our name to Pangolins International. This name not only brings to the forefront an incredible animal which faces extinction by the end of the decade, but also makes clear our intentions to establish a strong and resilient network across Africa and Asia: to work together with other scientists and conservationists for the future of these wonderful and unique creatures.