Our new home in the Emerald Forest Reserve

August 30th 2022

After years operating in Namibia, we’re excited to be moving both our home and our operations to southwest Nigeria.

Nigeria is the epicentre of pangolin trafficking, so it makes sense for it to be our new HQ. And the Emerald Forest Reserve is the ideal location.

Established in 2003 by Professor Akin Aboyame, the Reserve is an island of forest in Osun State, with the Osun river running through it. Practising agro-forestry, the aim of the Emerald Forest Reserve is for man to live in harmony with the environment. Planting crops amongst trees means pest control is a natural result of the healthy presence of wildlife. Working with and educating local populations about the value of the flora and fauna is an intrinsic part of the Reserve’s aims, and animals such as pangolins have been rehabilitated and released amongst the trees for years.

The Emerald Forest Reserve The Emerald Forest Reserve. Image © AFE Group

We believe the Emerald Forest to be the perfect future home for Pangolins International. With the local and National government’s positive attitude towards conservation, and a team who shares our passion for the planet and its creatures, it will be a safe haven for the release of rehabilitated pangolins, and a great coming together of skills and knowledge which will only help to grow the Emerald Forest Reserve as a centre of excellence and research in sustainability.

We’re constructing a centre which has been specifically designed for the rehabilitation of pangolins, giving us an unprecedented opportunity to raise rescued animals in the best conditions possible.

Pangolin International's HQ in the Emerald Forest Reserve Our new HQ, under construction in the Emerald Forest

We’re very grateful to the Abayome Farm Estate, owners of the Emerald Forest Reserve, for agreeing to let it be our new home, and we look forward to working together to safeguard the future of pangolins, and any other wonderful creatures that need our help.