Volunteering with Pangolins International

Volunteers and students from all around the world have been involved with our work over the years. Students range from undergraduates doing course work to Masters and PhD degrees. Both volunteers and students are very involved in the day to day running of the organisation and also get the chance to help out with much of the research. Daily work can include everything from animal handling and painting new walls to moving rocks to fixing our roads after heavy rains. Every day tends to bring new challenges and jobs.

We try to find out what volunteers enjoy doing most and let them concentrate on that work, while still helping out with many other necessary duties. Many volunteers can offer invaluable building, artistic, craft or computer skills. In addition, we'll soon be open to day visitors during the week, with volunteers helping our staff to show people around. We firmly believe that knowledge of our pangolins and work is important (and we will train you), with enthusiasm making the visitor experience even more memorable and exciting. Students typically consult with our Research Manager and their professors to establish the best type of project that we can offer them at that time. While they usually focus on their study research, they are also expected to help with the daily work at the centre.


We don't have specific intake dates, so volunteers and students come and go on their own schedules. Some stay for only a few weeks and some for up to a year. We usually have 1-4 volunteers/interns/students staying with us at any one time.

A day's schedule can change from minute to minute with just one call to rescue a pangolin. For this reason, we've found that the people who enjoy their stay with us the most are self sufficient, hard working, easy going people who can enjoy living and working without many of life's comforts. If you're looking for a more structured holiday type experience with animals, you'll find many good organisations that provide that on the internet.

Please get in touch to learn more about volunteering with Pangolins International.